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The cost of Medical Cannabis treatments vary depending on what you are prescribed. The cost is essentially in two parts; first you pay for a private consultation, which costs approximately £75,  and then you pay for your prescription at a pharmacy. There are many products now available starting from around £75. If you would like to see all the available products in our Dispensary and their prices, you will need to register for our Free Dispensary Membership here.

That is a good question and one we got asked a lot! Medical Cannabis comes in a variety of forms with different strengths of CBD and THC. Products that are high in THC will give you the psychoactive effect. For more information you can speak directly with one of Dispensary Team here. 

To find out more about the process of getting a Medical Cannabis Prescription and to see if you may qualify, please see our Prescription Pathway guide here to help you on your Access Journey.

Yes. Cannabis has been legalised in U.K. for Medical use and when provided on Prescription it is 100% legal.

Cannabliss® is a fully licensed and regulated online Pharmacy. As a patient, your consumer rights are protected by law in the same way as with any other form of medicines. You can rest assured that we work tirelessly with our supply partners to ensure we always provide the highest quality products available.

The short answer is yes, there is no legal restriction that will stop you from driving if you are prescribed Medical Cannabis. Some treatments can be very strong and may come with a warning, like many other prescription drugs, that if you feel drowsy you should not drive or operate machinery. If you require any more detailed information please contact us here.

‘Medical Cannabis’ is the term used to distinguish legally prescribed Cannabis and illicit street Cannabis. In actual fact, they are the same drug; the main difference is that ‘Medical’ Cannabis’ is manufactured under strict regulations to ensure consistency and quality of product. Many people think Medical Cannabis is not the same as illicit Cannabis but it is, in effect, exactly the same, only legal!

To learn more about ‘Medical Cannabis’ and the different types that are available, please click here.

In short, no. The Government regulations state that Medical Cannabis products can only be consumed either orally i.e. via capsule or oil drops, or with a dedicated Medical Cannabis Vaporiser. If you smoke Medical Cannabis that you have been prescribed you will be using it illegally.

This is a very common question we get asked a lot too!

For more information please see here.

For more information you can speak directly with one of our Dispensary Team here.

All  Medical Cannabis prescribed and dispensed in the U.K. are made available under the regulatory control of the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and are safe for human consumption. If you have any specific concerns about your own reaction to these medications you should speak directly with your prescriber.

Yes. As a patent using a legally prescribed medication you are able to take your medication in accordance with the prescribers instructions anywhere in public. You cannot, however, smoke you Medical Cannabis either in public or private; to do so would be a criminal offence.

In short; yes. Juts like with any from of prescribed medication, you should be allowed to travel with your medication. We advise those considering travelling abroad to notify their airline or other service provider to help prevent any unnecessary delays.

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