Mighty Medic Cannabis Vaporizer

Probably the world’s greatest portable Cannabis Vaporizer

  • UK Certified Medical Device
  • TUV Approved
  • Certified  for Medical Use
  • Powerful twin Lithium battery pack
  • Complete kit comes with charger, spare screens
  • Made in Germany


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Storz & Bickel Mighty Medic Cannabis Vaporizer

The Mighty Medic Cannabis Vaporizer is the first battery-operated Medical Cannabis Inhaler. The MIGHTY MEDIC is operated using plus and minus buttons, and the highly visible LED display is self-explanatory: once the actual temperature matches the individually adjustable target temperature, the device is ready to inhale. The device will vibrate twice briefly to signal it is ready for use. You can gradually adjust your personal preferred temperature directly on the device during vaporization.

Precise Temperature Regulation

Storz & Bikel Mighty Medic Cannabis Vaporizer uses a combine of air and radiant heating to vaporize materials. Air heating provides continuous vaporization, while radiant heating ensures vapor is produced right from the first breath. You can use the included Dosing Capsules to quickly and cleanly fill the Filling Chamber integrated into the Hot Air Generator. The Cooling Unit ensures the vapor cools down to an appropriate temperature, ensuring optimal taste and a full aroma.

Intended Use

Storz & Bikel Mighty Medic Cannabis Vaporizer is intended for vaporizing and then inhaling cannabinoids from cannabis flowers (cannabis flos). The goal is the application of the active ingredients in the human body via the alveoli for the appropriate medical indication.The MIGHTY MEDIC Cannabis Vaporizeris suitable for the temporary inhalative application of cannabinoids prescribed by a physician for use at home, in a hospital, or doctor’s office. The devices offer a highly effective, safe, and fast-acting way to use cannabinoids. Always consult a physician before treating any illness.

The devices are not intended for use in children and youth under age 18. Adults may use the MIGHTY MEDIC following the Instructions for Use or physician’s instructions.

Two High-Power Batteries.

The MIGHTY MEDIC Cannabis Vaporizer uses two lithium-ion batteries. The double battery pack ensures a long service life and large radius of action. The MIGHTY MEDIC can also be operated using the power adapter if the battery is out of charge.

Heating and Temperature

The Mighty Medic Cannabis Vaporizer is known as one of the first portable vaporizers to truly perfect hybrid heating. The balance between convection and conduction speaks volumes here with this unit. The Mighty Medic has never really needed to rely on the build materials other vapes in the industry are using. No ceramics. No quartz, just good old stainless steel making up the chamber. The Mighty Medic is capable of full temperature control through a vivid OLED display that’s located at the bottom of the vape. This gives you vast control over your experience. Mighty Medic was the first to implement this kind of customizable heating privilege.

The MIGHTY MEDIC Cannabis Vaporizer sports an incredibly convenient cooling unit built right into the mouthpiece. With this cooling unit, the vapor path is extended and the vapor has extra time to cool. Despite only adding a little bit of distance to the pathway, it greatly reduces the temperature of the vapor and makes it much smoother and delicious to hit.

The Mighty Medic’s vapor quality is dense, aromatic, and pure. Its effective vapor production system makes for an enjoyable experience without the learning curve or a multitude of components found in other confusing vaporizers. Again, the fact that we can even compare the Mighty Medic Vaporizer with any desktop is a testament to the unit itself. Reliable is the word that most describes the Mighty Medic as it is a secure, robust and powerful vaporizer that has won the hearts of many Vape enthusiasts

Design and Features

The MIGHTY MEDIC Cannabis Vaporizer Complete Kit is functionally identical to the normal Mighty and this means you get the same amazing flavors and same amazing vapor production as all Mighty users are used to. The stainless steel herb chamber gives great flavor because it allows no contamination of your dry herbs and the convection heating effect means that, even with a lightly packed bowl, you will still get perfect and complete vaporization every time you use it.

You can adjust your experience via the buttons on the front of the Mighty Medic and use it’s digital temperature control to adjust the temperature to the nearest 1 degree. The LCD screen on the front tells you the temperature the device is set to and also the actual current temperature of the air being pushed over your dry herbs. When turning the device on it will heat up to your desired temperature and when it gets there the device will vibrate in your hand means you don’t even have to sit there looking at it waiting for it to heat up.

The charger is a mains powered setup and will charge the Mighty Medic fully in less than an hour and the beefy batteries inside will give approximately 90 minutes of use on a full charge which means you’ll never have to worry about it going flat on you when you need it most.

If you would like to know more about the Vapormed visit their site here.



Vaporizes Dry herbs
Storage capacity 0.25 grams
Pre-configured temperature levels 40ºC to 210ºC
Initial warm-up time Approximately 60 seconds
Heating system Hybrid (conduction and convection)
Heating chamber material Stainless steel
External coating material Plastic
Battery capacity 90 minutes
Charging time 2 hours
Compatibility with chargers USB
Compatibility with smartphone applications No
Other functions LED display with battery charge indicator and digital temperature control.
Approximate dimensions (W x H x D) 14.0 cm x 8.0 cm x 3.0 cm
Approximate weight 230 grams
Warranty 2 years


To find out more about getting access to medical cannabis on prescription, see our Prescription Pathway guide for more details.

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