Storz and Bikel Might Medic Cooling Unit Set

  • 3pcs Cooling Unit


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Storz and Bikel Might Medic Cooling Unit Set

The Storz and Bikel Might Medic Cooling Unit Set provides for 3 full replacements for the entire cooling unit on your favourite hand held cannabis vaporizer. The Cooling Unit cools down the vapour in order to supply pleasant vaporisers at optimal flavour. From time to time, this may be necessary in order that you are always getting the best from your device. Make sure you always have the replacements you need for the perfect vape experience.

Cannabliss® Dispensary is the official U.K. Distributor for The Storz and Bikel VaporMed range of medical cannabis vaporisers. You can buy through us with confidence that you are receiving a genuine product.

For more information about this and al Storz and Bikel products you can contact our Dispensary Team. Or you can visit the Storz and Bikel website here.


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