Prescription Pathway

Find out more about the Cannabis Prescription pathway and how you can start your Access Journey today. 

Step 1. Am I eligible for Medical Cannabis?

The first step on your Access Journey should be to check whether you are eligible to be considered for Medical Cannabis Treatments.

Medical Cannabis can now be prescribed privately for a wide range of conditions. From chronic pain to depression, there are many people who could potentially benefit from these treatments.

To find out whether your condition may qualify you for treatment, we have put together a simple tool to check your eligibility. This done online and is completely free with no obligation. 

We recommend using this tool as the first step on your Access Journey. 

Step 2. Book your appointment

If you are eligible and you understand the costs involved; you can book an online consultation with a specialised Medical Cannabis Clinic.

When you have your consultation, you will be able to discuss the various treatment options available and what will be most suitable for you. 

If you would like help with deciding which clinic to use, speak to one of our Dispensary Team today here.

Step 3. Order your prescription

Once you have your prescription you simply login to the dispensary and shop for the products on your prescription   will need to send us the original hard copy. This is because the Drugs Regulations for Medical Cannabis mean we cannot dispense these products unless we have the original prescription at the dispensary. To speed the process up, you can send us an electronic copy by email so that we can prepare your order ready for dispensing. 

Step 4. Receive your medication

Receiving your Medication us the end of your prescription pathway. Once we have your Medication at the dispenary our Pharmacist will carry out the necessary clinical checks before dispensing your prescription. We aim to process, dispense and dispatch your order for delivery within 24hours of receipt of your product. 

Your order will be sent by Royal Mail for next day registered delivery. Safe and secure direct to your door!

Once you have received your medication, we ask that all new and existing patientts register for the MHRA Yellow Card Scheme below, if you have not already done so.

How much will all this cost?

The cost of cannabis on prescription are can be broken down into two parts; the cost of the consultation and follow up appoints and the actual cost of the medication itself.

Consultation Costs

The cost of your consultation will vary depending on which clinic you choose to use. Your initial appointment could start at as little as £75 for an internet based appointment. 

Medication Costs

You medication costs will vary depending on what you are prescribed. They can start from as little as £75

For information about what products are available and what the cost is, sign up for our free dispensary membership to get full access to our list of products

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