Provacan CBD Gummies 100mg

  • Fat free, vegan friendly
  • Natural colours and flavours
  • Made with pure Full Spectrum CBD extract
  • No psychoactive effects
  • Delicious golden fruity flavour
  • No aftertaste, good alternative to oils
  • Easy to use, accurate dose
  • Long lasting effect
  • Less than 0.2% THC

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Provacan CBD Gummies 100mg

CBD gummies are now one of the most sought-after forms of cannabidiol consumption. As a tasty and convenient option for daily CBD intake, they are quickly catching up to CBD oil in terms of use and popularity.

You will find CBD gummies in a growing number of physical locations. However, it can be difficult to trust the quality of some of these products, as not all of them come with third-party lab reports that verify CBD content.

Why buy Provacan CBD Gummies?

For a lot of consumers, CBD has become an exciting and even necessary part of their daily routine. Some people like to use gummies in the morning when they take their vitamins. Others prefer to wait for a specific time of day.

Although CBD oil is popular and effective, not everyone is a fan of its taste. While there are plenty of flavoured options, you may find that the oily texture isn’t to your liking. Then there is the process of having to use a dropper to measure the oil and holding it beneath your tongue for at least 60 seconds.

If you purchase CBD gummies (10mg) you can avoid all of the above. There is no need to measure, because each gummy has a precisely calculated level of cannabidiol. Of course, you can only trust this information if the product comes with a third-party lab report, which all of our products here at Provacan do. With quality gummies, users can enjoy the potential benefits of hemp and CBD, without the associated bitter taste.


Provacan CBD gummies contain 10mg of cannabidiol per unit. You can purchase a pack of 10, which gives you 100mg of CBD in total. If you use a lot of CBD, you may choose to buy the 50 pack instead, and receive 500mg of CBD.

Aside from their great taste, our gummies include organic hemp extract and are both vegan and vegetarian friendly. Ingredients include sugar, glucose syrup, pectin, CBD distillate, and flavourings.

One of the features of these CBD gummies is the lack of a bad aftertaste that you get with other products. We recommend a serving size of two gummies, even though customers often claim that they find it hard to stop at just one gummy.


Provacan offers the best and highest-quality CBD products on the UK and EU markets. Our  CBD 100mg gummies formulation is among the top sellers in the UK, and for good reason. One of the reasons for our strong reputation comes down to compliance with the UK and EU regulations. We strive to ensure that all of our products contain the best CBD extract on the market, and we offer  labsheets to back this up.


If you want a more convenient method of using cannabidiol, try the 100mg CBD gummies range from Provacan. Check out our third-party lab reports, which we supply with every single product. This lets you know exactly what you’re putting into your body, every single time. You also know that there are no heavy metals, pesticides, or other toxins in any of our products.

CBD gummies can offer tremendous convenience to your daily routine, so try the Provacan range today and experience the difference.

To learn more about the full Provacan range please visit their website here.

NB: All over counter non prescription CBD products sold on the website have less than 0.2% THC content and have been independently tested.

Keep away from children and do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding. If you are unsure about taking CBD or you are starting a new dietary regime, you should consult your GP or Healthcare Professional for more advice.

It is recommended by the U.K. Food Standards Agency (FSA) not to take more than 70mg CBD per day orally.

If you would like more on how to get access to prescription cannabis please see our Prescription Pathway guide for more information.


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